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About Chloé

Chloé has competed in international shows for France and Premier League dressage in the UK. Over the past 15 years Chloé has gained extensive competition experience in both France and the UK.

As well as competition riding, Chloé has ridden in breeding shows, trained horses for competition and coached other riders. Since moving to the UK in 2018 she has trained with Kyra Kyrklund, Sarah Millis and Anders Dahl. In France, Chloé worked with Alizeé Froment, Phillipe Limousin and Franck Meichtry.

Chloé's current ambitions are to ride internationally at the highest possible level for France. She is looking to work with new clients on training horses for competition  and for dressage coaching at all levels.

Chloé has been working professionally with dressage horses since 2010. In training horses she tailors her training style to every horses individual personality. She looks to establish trust in order to maximise potential and enable horses, owners and riders to meet their goals.

Chloé has significant coaching experience of riders at all levels. She has an open and calm training style and can help you to improve any aspect of your riding whatever your current level.

More information +447 762 060 542 Email or send a message on Facebook

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